ECONOMIC SURVEY – 2015-16 & UNION BUDGET – 2016-17 Plus
A Point-wise Analysis for UPSC Civil Services Examinations

This book is written by Noushad Chengodan & Published by Smiling Unicorn, Trivandrum. This book covers Economic Survey, 2015-16 and Union Budget, 2016-17. An in-depth knowledge in Economic Survey and Union Budget is essential to clear competitive tests including civil services examinations. The different chapters in the Survey discussed the current position of India’s GDP, growth rate, fiscal conditions, monetary indicators, external sector, and sustainable development, multi-sectors of the economy, challenges, issues and prospects of the economy. It also provides policy options to address the issues and challenges and augments the socio-economic setup of the country. The Budget imparts the anticipated income and expenditure of the coming year and tells the magnitude of revenue deficit, fiscal deficit and primary deficit. It is the most crucial document of the government and one can easily understand the trends and pattern of receipts and expenditure of the country. This document reflects the economic policies of the Government.