Indian Economy – Key Concepts – Class Slides – Set – II

Indian Economy – Key Concepts – Class Slides – Set – II


Indeed, attending in the test series, either online or offline is very crucial to enhance the base of knowledge that we learnt. Undoubtedly, the test series techniques help us to retrieve the right answers in the examination hall. No one can underestimate this fact. Here, my intention is to give topic wise and general wise questions on Economy, Current Economy and Economics. You can test your knowledge and evaluate the performance to know where you stand, defects in our preparation and importantly what techniques you needed to crack civil services examinations, banking tests, university examinations and so on. At the end of the each test series I added the right answers with detailed explanations. Moreover, we can make a discussion based on the test series. I hope this strategy enables us to enrich our knowledge in this respective subject. All the very best.

Total Questions  = 15

Total Marks = 15 (Each Question Carries 1 Mark)

Time Allowed  = 20 Minutes