It’s a great pleasure to me to introduce the book, entitled ‘Introductory Economics II’ which is highly useful and helpful for the B.A. Degree examinations in general and for non-economic students in particular. This book clearly narrates the functions of money, role of banks, types and causes of inflation, subject matter of public finance and also features, challenges and prospects of Indian economy. We know that money plays an important role in the daily life of a person whether he is a consumer, a producer, a businessman, an academician, a political or an administrator. Banking, key driver for inclusive growth, in India is truly a reflection of a mixed economy with public sector banks, private and foreign banks. The book contains the aforementioned topics which are presented in a lucid format with interesting illustrations and holistically covers the whole syllabus as per the Calicut University Regulations, Choice Based Credit and Semester System For Under Graduate (UG) Curriculum -2019 (CBCSSUG 2019). It contains four modules which are systematically compiled into various sections; namely: Money and Banking; Public Finance; Trade and India as a Developing Economy.