Key Concepts, Techniques & Latest Trends in a Lucid Format

Highly useful and dependable for PSC, KAS, SSC, IBPS, SBI, RBI, LIC, RRB and other competitive examinations

It’s a great pleasure to me to introduce the book, entitled ‘Indian And Kerala Economies: Key Concepts, Techniques & Latest Trends in a Lucid Format’ which is highly useful and helpful for the UPSC, PSC, KAS, SSC, IBPS, SBI, RBI, LIC, RRB, SSB and all other competitive examinations. The aim of the book is not to provide a fact sheet of Indian economy and Kerala economy. Its sole concern is to give a conceptual clarity, major issues and challenges, their remedies, economic policies, programmes and so on. Of course, one of the key highlights of this book is that it presents the key concepts and terminologies of economics in a lucid format with interesting illustrations. It also adds to it the latest data, trends of economy of India, recent developments of global economy, new areas of economy like prompt corrective action (PCA), production price index, monetary policy reviews, Kerala Economy and such other facts.

Each chapter is updated and analysed with the most reliable information taken from the series of Economic Survey, Union Budget, RBI documents, Kerala’s Economic Review and State Budget. The book drags the minds of readers effectively towards the complexities of the analytics and potential ramifications of economic planning, LPG programs, NITI Aayog, GST and demonetization on the socio-economic setup of India. It gives special emphasis on Kerala Economy. Indeed, this book helps the students and aspirants to understand why they have to learn various economic concepts and policies, how they can be applied in an economy to attain the desired results and in what ways they can assess a system with economic tools. It would also be useful for graduate and post-graduate courses in Economics of various universities. The book contains 17 chapters which are systematically compiled into five sections.

A thorough knowledge of this book will undoubtedly help the job-seekers to fulfil their long-cherished ambitions. The seventeen chapters of this book are sure to guide them towards their destinations. Overall, the contents have been exhaustively reviewed and updated to make this book even more invaluable to all types of candidates.

Notable Features in this Edition

  • Provides conceptual clarity with short cut ways to comprehend the points
  • Lucid style of presentation & competitive exam-oriented work
  • Imparts latest trends, data and assessment of Indian & Kerala economies
  • 1000 PLUS multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with detailed solutions
  • Highly useful for M.A/B.A and candidates preparing for KAS and other PSC examinations
  • Special emphasis is given to Kerala Economy
  • Highlighted foot-notes, illustrations and references
  • Each chapter contains multiple choice questions with keys & explanations
  • Imparts sound knowledge and analytical capability in economics and economy